Please note that Laserium projectors are no longer available. These pages have been preserved for historical interest.

 CS Series Projectors 
The CS series laser projectors from Laserium offer a full spectrum of exciting and completely unique laser light effects. Because of its unique modular design, the projector adapts easily to every staging challange. Modularity also allows each projector to be ideally configured to fulfill current requirements, yet be easily expanded for future growth. Only the CS series, with its elegant yet practical implementation makes customizing a laser show projector so uncomplicated.

The basic subsystems of the CS Series are the Projector Base, The Projector Sections, the Effect Modules, the systems control, the System Electronics, and one or more lasers. The lasers range from compact air-cooled versions to large-frame water-cooled models. Color possibilities vary from the high-visibility green-only beam of the YAG, to a blue-green palette of the argon laser, to the full-color capability of argon-krypton mixed gas units.

Projectors in the CS Series:

CS-12 and CS-20
The CS-12 accommodates a maximum of twelve laser output positions, the CS-20 offers a maximum of 20. The laser output path is typically built up in groups of four, each section independently rotatable on pillow blocks, to allow pointing effects any where from in front of, to above, or behind, and even below the projector. (Click for more info)

The CSL and CSX Projectors are descendants of the red/yellow/green/blue 4-scan-head, or 4-channel Show Standard established by LASERIUM in 1973 and later adopted by competitors. Full-color RGB optics have been added to provide colorized animation capability, and high-speed, wide-angle scanners are now used throughout. (Click for more info)

CSDL and CSDX projectors are designed to provide most of the benefits of the CSL and CSX projectors described above, but at a lower price while maintaining many of the same features. These systems are based on a dual-channel RGB Scanning sub-system, augmented by the unique lumia effects and other optical effects for which LASERIUM is famous. (Click for more info)

CS-1 integrates a single monochrome Scan Head with an air-cooled argon (blue-green) laser. Playback is an optional ADAT digital deck or a 2D graphics system. (Click for more info)

50-Watt GREEN YAG Laser Systems
Producing an intense green light, several new solid-state laser technologies, and custom projector designs are also available from Laserium. And we offer Pangolin LD Pro, Basic and Intro software systems with PC Computer and graphics tablets. Please contact us for details.

Comparison of CS System capabilities

System Features CSL CSX CSDL CSDX CS-1
primary image channels 5 6 2 2 1
primary optical image modifiers 15 18 6 6 -
remote image channels - 3 - 3 -
remote optical image modifiers - 9 - 9 -
lumia effects 18 18 14 14 -
beam effects - 8 4 - -
optical raster effects opt. opt.      
performance console opt. opt.      
Laserium™ Show capable yes yes yes yes no

LASERIUM® Shows are the industry standard for variety and quality, especially in domed and large format theaters. The four CS series capable of projecting full-length, fully automated (or live-assisted) LASERIUM Laser Shows are the CSDL and CSDX models and the CSL and CSX models. LASERIUM Shows for these projectors are available for modest weekly lease rates. Please contact us for available show titles.

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