Laserium has had a long history. Starting November 19, 1973, Laserium has been performed to over 20 million people worldwide. Here we've collected some historical and cultural tidbits Laserium has collected in its 40 years.

Laserium's Origins
Ivan Dryer gives a brief history of the beginnings of LASERIUM, and lets fly his own imagination about additional forms of entertainment to which we can look forward.

Laserium in Popular Culture
Due to its ubiquity (shows in 46 cities on five continents), its popularity (over 20 million patrons) and its longevity (four decades), Laserium has become a cultural icon. It’s been referenced or appeared in: TV shows from Mork and Mindy to The Simpsons and Two and a Half Men; in movies from Starman to Star Trek and Disclosure; in music videos for Madonna, Herbie Hancock and Def Leppard, among many others; in magazines such as People and National Geographic World; along with countless newspaper articles and TV news and talk shows, including mentions by William Shatner on The Tonight Show and Tom Hanks on The Late Show (Letterman). And Laserium is a frequent metaphor for spectacle in reviews of everything from a Kenny Chesney concert to Tron: Legacy. It even shows up in a song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The show is widely acknowledged to represent a milestone in music visualization and to have jumpstarted the worldwide laser display industry. As both an entertainment and art form it was saluted in Arts Magazine as the progenitor "…of the universally recognized high visual art of the future.

Music Lists
These are some of the music lists from our "classic" Laserium shows grouped by show type.

Laserium Show Chronology
Music lists from "classic" Laserium shows arranged by date the shows were introduced.

Client List
Some of the folks we've worked with broken down by industry.

Press Clippings
Don't believe us! Read what other people have said about the Cosmic Laser Light Concert!

Industry awards for Laserium's unique aesthetic.

Students and Hobbyists
Interested in playing with lasers? Here are a few links that will get you to the right websites with lots of interesting information and passionate people.

Website Kudos
Over the years we've received a few kudos for the website. Here they are.

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