LASERIUM® ... the world's first on-going laser show debuted at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, California on November 19, 1973!

Spawning thousands of imitators, the creative laser show production teams and live performers of Laserium, in Van Nuys, California, have continued a tradition to create the highest quality laser display possible. Below is a chronological list of Laserium shows.

Were you there?

1973 LASERIUM; the original cosmic laser concert
  Laserium I
1976 Laserium II
1977 Laserock
1978 Laserium Starship
  Best of Laserium
  Laserium San Francisco
1979 Light Years
  Laserium '79
1980 Laserock 2
  21st Century Man - Billy Thorpe
1981 Crystal Odyssey
  Rock Alive
1982 Rock It '82
  Laser-Rush: Signals
  The Who: It's Hard
1983 The Beatles
  John Williams :Space Encounters
1984 Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon
  Laser-Rush: Grace Under Pressure
  Laserock Platinum
  THE L.A.ser Olympiad
1985 Laser Space
  Led Zeppelin: In The Beginning
  LaserBlast (LaserMetal)
1986 Pink Floyd: After the Moon
  Lites Out: Jazz!
1987 The Police
  Rainbow Cadenza: Classics
  Grateful Dead
1988 Moonrock
  Pink Floyd: Now and Then
  Flashback: '80's (Laseroq: the 80's)
  Laserium Zodiac (Zodiacal Light)
1989 Summer of '69
  Laserock: Into the '90's
1990 David Arkenstone: Celestial Dreams
  Led Zeppelin: In The Evening
1991 Star Trek: The Astral Symphony
  Rock-It '91
  Pink Floyd: The Wall
  The Doors
  Laser-Rush 3: Best of Rush
1992 the cure: wish
  Laserium Rocks!
  Hot Led: Zeppelins' Best (Molten Led)
1993 Inside Laserium
  Dream On: The Music of Aerosmith
1994 Laser Rage!
  The Beatles
  Laserium Rocks San Francisco (KGB)
1995 Gate To The Mind's Eye
  Nine Inch Nails
  Son of Lollapalaser
1996 Laserock 3D
  Laser Holiday 3D
  Lollapalaser 3D Experience
1997 Laser Visions
  Fright Lights
1998 U2 - Laserium
  Jimi Hendrix: BBC Sessions
  L.A.S.E.R. Amazement
  Flashback 80'S 3D
1999 Andrea Bocelli - Lumia Spectaculars
2010 The Orb with David Gilmour: Metallic Spheres
  Linkin Park: A Thousand Suns
2016 Aurora Dreams

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