ILDA Awards For Outstanding Laser Display

Special Achievement Awards

Honorable Mention Special
"Disclosure" (Effects Provided For The Film "Disclosure"), 1995
Honorable Mention Beam
Atmospheric Display "Peter Gunn", 1995
Honorable Mention Mixed Application
"Expo '93 - Korea Telecom Pavilion", 1994
First Place Special
Nebraska Retinitis Pigmentosa Show, 1993
Honorable Mention New Technology
Hidden-Surface Technology For Convex Solids, 1991
Best Music Video
Vibe Alive' Herbie Hancock (Multi-Laser,Performers,Film,Video), 1988

Abstract Design

First Place Abstract Design
Showpiece "Cut" The Cure, From The Cure: Wish, 1992
Showpiece "Wassily Kandinsky", 1991
Showpiece "Valley In The Clouds" David Arkenstone, From Laserium Zodiac, 1990

Second Place Abstract Design
"Master Of Puppets," From Laserock Metallica, 1995
Showpiece "Janie's Got A Gun," From Dream On: The Music Of Aerosmith, 1994
Showpiece "Silent Lucidity" Queensryche, From Laserium Rocks!, 1992
Showpiece "Tom Sawyer" Rush, From Laser Rush, 1991

Third Place Abstract Design
Showpiece "Firedance," David Arkenstone From David Arkenstone, 1994
Jellyfish, From Laserium Zodiac, 1990

Third Place Static Composition
"Mariner In Motion," From Giant Leaps, 1994

Honorable Mention Abstract Design
Showpiece "Higher Ground" Red Hot Chili Peppers, From Lollapalaser, 1993 '90's, 1990

Graphic Design

First Place Graphic Design
Static Laserdisc, 1992
Static Untitled #3, 1990
Showpiece "Love Cats" The Cure, From Laserock Into The '90's, 1990
Static Untitled #1, 1989

Second Place Graphic Design
Animation Crazy Guitarist, From Dream On: The Music Of Aerosmith, 1993
Static Emotional Landing Strip, From "Kandinsky", 1991
Showpiece "The Galaxy Song" Monty Python, From Rock It, 1991
Static Untitled #5, 1990
Animation Eyes/Faces/Zaps, From Laserock Into The '90's, 1990
Showpiece "Grey Matter" Oingo Boingo, From Laserock Flashback, 1989

Third Place Static Composition
"Decent Into The Garden" From The Beatles, Octopus's Garden, 1996

Third Place Graphic Design
Static New Year's, 1993
Static NCC 1701a From Star Trek: The Astral Symphony, 1992

Honorable Mention Graphic Module
"Octopus's Garden," From The Beatles, 1996

Honorable Mention Animation
"Laservine," From Laser Rage, 1995

Honorable Mention Graphic Design
Static Untitled #6, 1990
Static Untitled #9, 1990
Animation 3D Galaxy, From "The Galaxy Song", 1990
Showpiece "At The Zoo" Simon & Garfunkel, From Summer Of '69, 1989

Other ILDA Awards

Third Place Mixed Design
Showpiece "Tear Down The Wall" Pink Floyd, From The Wall, 1991
Third Place Mixed Graphic & Abstract Design
"Mercury Blues" David Lindley, From Laserock: Into The '90's, 1990

ILDA Standard Projector Awards
Live! From ILDA Standard ADAT Tapes

Third Place Graphic Animation ISP
"Frankenson," From Lollapalaser 2, 1996
Second Place Graphic Module ISP
"Western Homes," From Lollapalaser 2, 1996

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