Nadia from KROQ "If you’ve never been to a laserium must go right away. I command you. The whole experience...was better than any live concert that I have ever been to."

Artist Direct "...the rock 'n' roll equivalent of Avatar."

Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park "...The more I talk to people about that show, the more I realize it was really a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Amazing..."

Boston Herald "...combines elements of Walt Disney's 'Fantasia' with psychedelic oil shows from the '60s and stunning computer-graphics."

Toronto Globe and Mail "Half the time you can't believe your eyes...searingly bright, vibrant patterns are exploding in your brain. An extraordinary spectacle."

London Financial Times " get not only exciting comets roaming the heavens but much denser masses of color like a storm at unusual experience which manages to be both restful and stimulating."

Los Angeles Times "LASERIUM is a trip, something experienced on the senses rather than in the mind. Huge gauzy filaments float by, their veins slowly transfusing from red to blue to yellow, the colors so bright as to be pharmaceutical."

Seattle Times "This is the dawning of LASERIUM, an extraordinary light and sound extravaganza."

New York Times " can really walk out exhilarated." "...cobwebs delicateIy interwoven, then jitterbugging straight lines in happy molecular movement."

Arts Magazine "...within LASERIUM and the experimentation with laser projection lie seeds of what will become the high, universally acclaimed visual art of the future."

San Francisco Examiner "LASERIUM is a novel, heady, stimulating entertainment experience that borrows its imagery from any number of sources, including abstract art, atomic energy and the aurora borealis. The effect is consistently stunning."

Rocky Mountain News (Denver) "The same repertoire of super pure colors that can dissipate into sheets of northern light, bounce from a pinpoint into an impossibly complicated geometric pattern and back again or squiggle a rainbow jet stream through the careening night sky...brought on that 'LASERIUM' feeling of exhilaration which moves audiences to clap and shout as if at a sporting event."

San Diego Evening Tribune "...a powerful sensory experience."

The Miami Herald "...each time the lasers came on in the darkened stadium, all eyes followed the entrancing beams as they danced and swirled on the field into the sky...the spectators shrieked and cheered."

People Magazine "...a pinpoint of intense color light explodes into clusters of jewel-like webs, fiery pinwheels, and whirling lariats. LASERIUM is still the closest thing to tripping out in inner space."

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