Laserium launched November 19, 1973

On November 19th, 2013, exactly 40 years after the first shows, a group of people gathered again at Griffith Observatory where Ed Krupp and Ivan Dryer gave a retrospective of the previous 40 years.

Watch an illustrated video of the evening's talks.

LASERIUM® - the vision of Ivan Dryer

Inspired by a multi-colored laser he saw at Cal. Tech, Ivan Dryer, with engineers Charlie McDanald and Jim Reynolds, created an advanced laser projector in order to produce live choreographed laser shows. Ivan presented the idea to Griffith Observatory and the first Laserium show to the public premiered November 19, 1973.

Listen to the introduction from the original Laserium I show, narrated by Shadoe Stevens.

Laserium expanded to 46 locations in the United States and internationally and has been experienced by more than 20 million people. Laserium was important not just in terms of technology and artistry, but because it introduced a new business model to planetariums - entertainment shows that extended the programming, expanded the audience and provided a new source of revenue.

This program from 1975 shows how rapidly Laserium caught on in planetariums. Laserium also became well known with tours and installations around the world.

LASERIUM ARCHIVES - Learn more about the origins of Laserium and the creation of a new kind of entertainment.

Laserium Archive

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