Laserium creates custom laser entertainment at music release events. Experiences that immerse audiences in a brilliant and colorful environment of visual music beyond description...

Some recent events:

Aufheben - the latest album by the enigmatic group 'The Brian Jonestown Massacre' was celebrated with an all-original Laser Show by Laserium / DayStar featuring exclusive Laserium laser effects. The 75 minute Outdoor Show concluded with an encore of BJM's 'classics', including the theme to HBO’s 'Boardwalk Empire', made for a truly-unforgettable evening in an amazing location; up on a rooftop in downtown L.A.

The Orb - featuring David Gilmour - Metallic Spheres Listening Party was held in Hollywood Forever’s Masonic Lodge and featured Laserium visual music experience with breathtaking projection and aerial effects. (Video) (Article)

Linkin Park - Album-Release Show at The Music Box in Hollywood - The Laserium Laser Listening Event created the experience of seeing the album played in its entirety synced with a “mind-bending 3-D laser show” which solidified ‘A Thousand Suns’ as the rock 'n' roll equivalent of Avatar. Laserium and DayStar created this immersive visual-music performance on a very-compressed timeline.
(Video) (Article)

Broken Bells - Music release featured a Laserium Laser Listening Event. (Article) (Video)

Coachella Music Festival - LASERIUM lit up the desert skies at the Coachella Music Festival, with performances of Dark Side of the Moon and other Laserium shows. (Video)

Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon - The album’s 20th anniversary was celebrated by Capitol Records with a full length Laserium performance in a huge venue filled with retro bean bag chairs and headphones. Apollo astronauts including Buzz Aldrin attended the nationally covered event. (Video)

Previous Music Launch Events that featured custom LASERIUM laser showcases include:

  • Rush: ‘Signals’, ‘Grace Under Pressure’
  • The Cure: ‘Wish’
  • Kate Bush: ‘Hounds of Love’
  • Roger Waters: ‘Pros & Cons’
  • The Who: ‘Its Hard’
  • Also: Alan Parsons, Richie Sambora, Billy Thorpe, David Arkenstone, and more.


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The Orb

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